Issue 1

Between my daily duties I have of late been writing a fair bit of short fictions - mainly drawn from the endless font of improvised writing exercises; using triggers, time limits and randomisers to generate stories.

These selected pieces are those of the polished offspring that seemed to gravitate together in theme and atmosphere. As they were starting to clutter up the place I thought i'd release them like fledglings into the (cyber)world in the form of a fortnightly publication. Any feedback is most welcome.



Issue 2

Issue 2 of Murmurs is now available for free online - more short fiction, Episode 2 of Family Business - some writing exercise fun!

Issue 3

Issue 3 of Murmurs is now out - it's the slug special! More short fiction (some slug related) - Episode 3 of Family Business - readers letters.

I would love to hear what you think!