MURMURS is a Fortnightly Periodical of Writings by JMF Casey

Dredger's Bloody Seedling

Of all the varieties of British apple, of which there is a multitude, there is none more feared than the Dredger’s Bloody Seedling. A rarity these days, due to its widespread persecution, the Bloody Seedling is said to be the most potent natural hallucinogen in Western Europe, though due to its obscurity a proper laboratory analysis has not been made of its active compounds. It’s powers are therefore subject to all manner of superstitious explanations. It is believed by some that the apple was spawned from the pips of the forbidden fruit itself, as spat by eve, though this must surely be legend. Consistently the reported effects seem to indicate that the fruit has a prophetic quality, allowing those who consume it to witness tragic events in the future; wars, illness, terrible accidents etc. However the Dredger’s Bloody Seedling only ever reveals the horror of the events and none of the details that might allow for prevention, in this way the apple appears to be scornful of those that consume it. Those who try and harness the power of the fruit end up traumatised by the visions and tormented by their helplessness.

Issue 4 - Preface