MURMURS is a Fortnightly Periodical of Writings by JMF Casey

Issue 3 - Preface

This week I am reserving the preface for a reader’s letter, thank you to the writer for taking the time to engage. 

Dear Sir,

Firstly if you cannot fulfill my wishes then please don’t enter into negotiations with me, I am absolutely set in my tastes and desires, if you can’t provide for them I will find others who can. 

  • Foremost, and without financial reserve, I desire the villa to glow in the setting sun like the legendary city of El Dorado. This aesthetic is so dear to my heart that any lesser effect shall leave me quite despondent. 

  • Secondly, I have of late become fascinated by the life cycle and habits of the lobster - such a deep and noble creature - and I desire an aquarium within my chambers where a suitable habitat can be installed and the creature easily observed. 

  • For my son, who has entered a precocious creative phase, I require a sandpit, but the vulgarity of common grit must be banished and supplemented by diamond dust, for impressing the value of wealth over comfort. 

  • Lastly, and most certainly, I have been pondering upon the natural order, what I call the greater forces, and I have concluded that upon the Altar of Nature is where I lay my wreath. Therefore I require it to be arranged that I may hunt and kill a lesser, upon the grounds, with adequate firearms provided. 

Yours in strictest confidentiality 



The Coming Darkness